The bike simulator for virtual rides

Cycléo, entertainment for our seniors

Cycléo allows our seniors to practice physical activity in complete safety thanks to an adjustable device that can be adapted to all shapes, sizes and capacities.

By interacting with the virtual environment of their choice, the user rediscovers the pleasure of doing sport in a gentle way while having fun.

An adapted device

A bike for everyone

The ergonomics and settings of Cycléo make it a non-stigmatising device that adapts to all abilities, from the most able-bodied individual to a person with reduced mobility (PRM). Thanks to several functions we are able to provide a flexible tool for all groups of people.

Immersive and interactive

Curved screen

The screen allows a complete immersion in the world of the simulator. Thanks to its various advantages (size, image quality, etc.), It gives our seniors the feeling of a real ride whilst providing the well-being benefits of exercise.

Accessible to PRMs, optimal comfort

A bike that can be customised to your needs

Cycléo interface

Ease of use

Simple and effective

Accompanied or on their own, residents use the Cycléo touchscreen tablet to navigate the menus, choose their application and interact with the games offered.


Intuitive and perfectly integrated into the bike, the touchscreen lets the user immerse themselves in the simulation and if necessary provides aid if needed.

Cycléo Tour

Travel in a variety of environments

Cycléo Tour allows the user to escape into a virtual environment in complete safety, whilst meeting cognitive challenges. The environments in Cycléo Tour differ from one another and allow the user to pedal without getting bored of the scenery. A ride in the countryside, on the banks of a river, in the mountains… So many environments to discover!


What if the same environment changes with the seasons?
Don’t worry, this is the case in Cycléo Tour, too!

Double Task

Cycléo Tour allows you to use your legs to pedal and your arms to control the bike using the handlebars. This dual task encourages concentration and greatly contributes to cognitive stimulation.

While pedalling

The user encounters workshops that he can choose to activate or not, bringing an additional challenge to his race.

Cognitive games

Cycléo Tour offers memory games to stimulate both the head and the legs. But also non-frustrating exercises in element recognition and logical sequences on a variety of models.

Cycléo Board

An application to monitor users' progress

In addition to adding a facility to your establishment that combines sport and entertainment, Cycléo gives you the opportunity to collect physical performance indicators to monitor users’ progress. This data can be consulted on the Cycléo Board application. The application can be used to adjust the difficulty of the rides, provide feedback to the user, their family or companion, and organise challenges.

More information about Cycléo ?

Take advantage of a video demonstration to discover all the benefits of integrating a Cycleo into your senior facility.