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Are you looking for useful and fun activities to offer your residents ?

Cycléo is a bicycle simulator that allows your residents to practice an Adapted Physical Activity in complete safety thanks to a device that can be adjusted to all morphologies. By interacting with the virtual environment of his choice, the user rediscovers the pleasure of doing sport in a gentle and fun way.

A practical tool for facilitators, ergonomic for seniors

A fun alternative that combines fun and sport in complete safety

Cycléo is designed to bring back the pleasure of cycling thanks to its comfort and ergonomics designed for seniors. Thanks to its adjustable and detachable seat, it allows all your residents to practice a physical activity adapted to their capabilities, from a Person with Reduced Mobility to the most able-bodied among them. By being a non-stigmatizing device, we bring a federating and reunifying dynamic between our seniors.

Competitive activities for seniors

Motivate and unite your residents around an activity that challenges them.

More motivating than traditional physical activities, the Cycléo connected bike brings a real sporting and federative dynamic to senior establishments by challenging our seniors on a daily basis through amusing challenges, encouraged by their family or friends forming a peloton ready to take on any challenge!

A bike for seniors and a modern, connected tool

User management and performance monitoring in a few clicks

Cycléo is a bicycle simulator that encourages your residents to practice sports, but it is also a simple and practical work tool. Cycléo Board supports you in managing and monitoring users, allowing you to respond to their needs by adjusting the difficulty and observing their progress.

The performance monitoring platform

For you: activity leaders, adapted physical activity educators and all those who take care of our seniors!

Performance monitoring

Track the performance of your residents to challenge them and collect usage data from your Cycléo.

User management

Add users independently from the Cycléo Board web platform and plan your events

Route management

Set the difficulty of the rides, the pedalling resistance, the level of the cognitive workshops and much more!

Activities that entertain your residents

Challenge Cycléo users from all over France

Why limit yourself to being the best in the residence when you can be number one in the whole of France? Rekindle the competitive spirit of your residents by taking part in the Cycléo inter-establishment challenges that we set up throughout the year.

More information about Cycléo ?

Take advantage of a video demonstration to discover all the benefits of integrating a Cycleo into your senior facility.