Get active without even realising it!

In this game, pedalling is used to inflate balloons. Using the handlebars, the player must then sort the balloons into the appropriate chimney, according to their colour.

Effort management

A game that encourages you to coordinate your arms and legs during exercise

Be careful! If you pedal too fast, you risk losing control of the flow! By stimulating the user both cognitively and physically, Balli Ballon activates the double-task to work on coordination and the ability to carry out two tasks simultaneously!

Challenges for users

Different game modes to discover

Once you’ve got the hang of it, challenge your seniors in the app’s various game modes! Access everyone’s statistics to see the progress they’ve made and the difficulties they’ve encountered.

A rich and varied catalogue

A host of activities, applications and games to discover

Based on feedback from users, the bike catalogue is updated daily with new applications to keep pace with the desires of those being accompanied and the needs of those accompanying them!