Activities for seniors

Physical and recreational activities to keep the residents of your establishment in shape

Whether you are the director of a nursing home or a senior residence, Cycleo is an all-in-one solution for your activities and the staff who supervise them. Easy to set up and easy to use, from the supervision of the most fragile of users right through to the fully autonomous use of the most experienced of your residents.

Cottos Medical

A fun alternative to traditional sports for our seniors

Cycleo is a bicycle simulator that allows residents of senior establishments to practice adapted physical activity in complete safety. By interacting with the virtual environment of his choice, the user rediscovers the pleasure of doing sport in a gentle and fun way.

A facilitator, tools

Give your facilitators an efficient and intuitive tool

In addition to being a key asset for your events, Cycleo is a real tool for maintaining independence. By combining sport and entertainment, Cycleo makes it possible to collect cognitive and psychomotor indices that can be consulted on the Cycleo Board platform. By creating profiles of your residents, you can monitor their progress and adjust the difficulty of the rides to the user’s needs and abilities.

Activities that entertain your residents

Challenge Cycleo users from all over France

Why limit yourself to being the best in the residence when you can be number one in the whole of France? Rekindle the competitive spirit of your residents by taking part in the Cycleo inter-establishment challenges that we set up throughout the year.

I create my grant application

There are financing solutions available to partially or fully cover the purchase of your Cycleo, download the product sheet and contact us so that we can work together today.