Are you looking for a physical and fun activity for your senior residents?

Discover Cycleo, a connected bike which enables senior citizens to continue practicing physical and cognitive activities from the safety of a nursing home or assisted living facility via fun, interactive virtual rides.

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Fun physical activity for our seniors

Virtual bike rides to keep you young in your 70s!

Cycleo brings a more playful approach to sport in facilities for the elderly: independent residences, retirement homes, etc.

Aperçu du paysage du jeu ludique Cycleo World
Un senior decouvre le vélo interactif dans sa maison de retraite
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An ergonomic system for everyone

The easy-to-use connected bike

Cycleo’s design and concept make it suitable for all users, from senior citizens in care homes (e.g. senior residences, etc.) to PRMs.

Electrically adjustable and removable, you can adjust the position of the bicycle seat to suit the user for an optimum pedalling position.

Cycleo, vélo interactif et dispositif ergonomique

A rich and varied catalogue

A host of activities, applications and games to discover

Based on feedback from users, the bike catalogue is updated daily with new applications to keep pace with the desires of those being accompanied and the needs of those accompanying them!

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Plateforme de suivi Cycléo Board permettant l'accès à différentes statistiques liées à vos résidents.

Cycleo Board, the companion monitoring tool

The physical activity management platform

Add a profile for each user independently from the Cycleo Board web platform. Then track their performance on the connected bike to challenge them and offer an experience that matches their needs and abilities.

Financing options

Dedicated support in your financing efforts

Whether in the form of subsidies, exceptional aid, non-renewable credits in the form of calls for projects or calls for applications, senior care facilities regularly have the opportunity to request financial support for investment in innovative projects to maintain autonomy.

We provide you with our services in the preparation of financing files

Cottos Medical

Partner of your animations in senior residence !

Cycleo includes both a high quality product and personalised support throughout its use. Whether you are a senior facility director, an activity leader or an occupational therapist, we offer you a turnkey tool to develop physical and recreational activities within your retirement home or assisted living facility.

We offer challenges throughout the year and for even more fun, challenges between each establishment equipped with a Cycleo.