Cycleo World

Freedom rides offering multiple possibilities.

Discover Cycleo World, the application that allows users to create their own itinerary without time limitations, in a vast open world!

An open world

A vast environment with limitless discoveries

The environment of Cycleo World is a world of over 25km², offering a unique itinerary for each session while stimulating memory and encouraging users to explore every corner of the map!

Unique points of interest

Many places to discover

The world of Cycleo World is dotted with unique places to discover, promoting contemplation and immersing the user in a way that they can engage in physical activity without even realizing it. Follow pre-established paths or venture off the beaten track.

Adapted cognitive games

Workshops that add a cognitive dynamic during the rides

During the ride, the user encounters elements that they must collect or avoid, leading them to mentally stimulating activities. Workshops with regulated difficulty levels are available through the Cycleo Board management platform.

A lively environment

Populated spaces with a rich fauna and flora, creating a vibrant atmosphere

Visual and auditory atmospheres are felt based on the paths the user takes, creating a sense of tranquility and immersion.
The other games

Various modes for optimal entertainment