The performance monitoring platform

Cycleo Board’s advanced interface is designed to maximize the Cycleo user experience and make it a daily support tool for healthcare professionals.

Cycleo Board offers a complete solution for carers and administrators in medical and social establishments, enabling physical activity to be fully personalised.

User management

Simplify user management

Create personalised profiles for each user, offering a unique and tailored experience. Customise settings to meet the specific needs of each individual, ensuring safe and enjoyable physical activity.

Performance monitoring

Tracking progress has never been easier

Cycleo Board makes it possible to record and analyse the performance of each user over a defined period. This data can be used to report to users on their achievements and adapt the activity to stimulate them further. Tracking performance is a valuable tool for adjusting challenges, motivating users to progress and reach new heights.

Activity Management

Cycleo Board, total control in your hands

Adjust the difficulty of Cycleo applications for a tailor-made experience. Modify the pedalling resistance, the level of the cognitive workshops, or configure the duration of the activity. With Cycleo Board, you can create a training experience that perfectly matches the abilities and needs of each user.

User rankings

Challenge our seniors

A user ranking is available. Rekindle your residents’ competitive spirit by creating challenges throughout the year (Tour de France, Semaine Bleue, etc.).