Cycleo Tour

A predefined path to enjoy a scenic ride

Discover Cycleo Tour, the application that allows users to escape into the environment of their choice within their preferred timeframe!

Varied rides

Between village and nature, walks that change environments

A large number of rides are offered to the user, allowing them to choose the setting in which they will ride. Mountains, villages, countryside… Immerse your users in a variety of environments.


Environments that are influenced by the changing seasons

Depending on the season, exceptional events such as the Tour de France or Christmas, the color palette and decor change to allow the user to have a temporal reference and experience these moments!

Cognitive games

Games to stimulate both the mind and the legs

Cycleo Tour offers memory games to stimulate both the mind and the legs. Additionally, it provides non-frustrating exercises for element recognition and logical sequences across a variety of patterns.

A good guide

Choose the companion who will accompany and guide you during your off-road adventures.

The other games

Various modes for optimal entertainment