What if the cognitive performance monitoring became fun ?

When we pedal on the Cycleo, we escape into a realtime virtual set, taking place not only ahead of us but all around us.
Cycleo, the Bike by Cottos, is a connected bicycle for welcoming structures residents, medical or not. The device can automatically capture any set of data, allowing the study of the cognitive peformances evolution, and adjust the difficulty level according to tiredness, mental or physical health status or capacities of the user.


Cycleo is a turnkey solution, plug-and-play, that requires only an electrical outlet and an Ethernet cable.


Soft physical activity whose difficulty level is adjusted according to strain, health or performances.

Automated tracking

Monitoring the evolution of useful indicators of the resident's cognitive performances over time.

A secure ride

Thanks to the virtual environments, residents users can achieve fun rides in secured conditions.

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Une équipe conviviale et passionnée !

  • Michel PORHEL Spiritual father and nurse training
    • Owner and Manager of housing for dependant elderly people
    • Marathon runner
    • Triathlete and ultra raider
  • Michel AUDOIN the team's industrialist
    • ESSEC school
    • ABM’s président at Noyant
    • Tennis player and cyclist
  • Françoise HOREAU The feminine intuition
    • Businesswoman and  self taught
    • Owner and Manager of hotels and restaurants
    • Running
  • Vivien POUJADE The serial businessman and ingineer
    • Arts & Métiers and IAE of Aix-en-Provence
    • President and Founder of the SYNTHES’3D company since 2007
    • Passionate about entrepreneurship, travel and water sports
  • Benjamin COSSE Historical Conductor
    • Arts & Crafts Engineer and Master of Research in Virtual Reality
    • Creation and investment in various companies
    • Battery and Cyclist
  • Morgane ARZUL Chargé d'affaires

    Experienced sales manager

  • Cécile FOCH commercial
  • Prisca ROBERT Commercial
  • Théo BOISIAUD Deliverer & salesman
  • Xavier FLEURY Chief Operating officer
    • Master in activity analysis University of Nantes
    • Interested in E-communication and prospective
  • Arthur COUSSEAU Lead developer & Maintenance
    • Management of interactive 3d technologies Master’s degree
    • Lift the cast iron
    • Talented and passionate mathematician
  • Catherine TRIBONDEAU Assistant for the coordination with the medical world
    • Catherine, nursing career
    • Shiatsu practitioner
    • Zen attitude
  • Antoine JAMIN R&D Engineer - PhD Student
    • Master’s degree in information, signal and image processing and life sciences.
    • PhD thesis in partnership with the laboratory of the University of Angers (LARIS) and the Hospital Center of Angers
  • Inès GASC Project manager
    • Personal data legislation
    • Jurist
    • Running


  • Marion SAINT-VAL Management assistant
    • Management Assistant
    • Customer relationship
    • Tennis amateur
  • Mathilde PLUMAS 3D Graphiste designer
    • Unity 3D & 3D studio Max
    • Visual Communication & design, 3D print
    • Great pastry chef
  • Noémie VLIMANT Design Product Assistant
    • BTS, 2 years training, Nantes Design school
  • Florian RAPHOSE Ingineer Assistant
    • Arts & Métiers Campus, 6 months training
  • Annie VIMOND Customer support and Project manager
    • Project manager training / SelanC Angers Technopole
    • Bachelor in Industrial Tourism (Esthua)

Cottos Médical

Cottos Médical Cottos Medical is a company specializing in the design of well-aging equipment.

Through the design of devices based on Virtual Reality, we allow people riskingautonomy losses to practise a physical activity in a playful, secured environment, with the possibility of offering a new source of evaluation for cognitive functions to accompanying persons.

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